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Some people consider moving as an unpleasant, stressful and time-consuming experience. that is necessary.  The FRIENDLY checklist below will help you prepare for your move.

Arrange Moving Day Kits. Prepare moving-related items such as tools, gloves, sharpie, scissors/utility knife, tape, trash bags, paper towels, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and aspirin. Other items to have handy on moving day include paper plates, plastic utensils and cups, snacks and beverages.

Assemble Packing Supplies.  Consider the following supplies to prepare for your move you will need to gather packing materials including boxes, tape, scissors, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspapers and blankets.  

Donate, Remove, or Sell Excessive Items. Review each room of your home and sort through your possessions.  Considering placing your unused items into three piles - (1) Donate, (2) Remove, or (3) Sell. Hold a yard sale to get rid of the items you want to sell. After the yard sale is over, gather the items that did not sell, add it to the pile of items to donate.

 Start Packing.   Consider packing a little at a time each day. Pace yourself.  Pack items that you don’t use too often. Pack one room at a time and label each box. Pack heavy items such as books in small boxes. Pack clothes in wardrobe boxes to save ironing time later. Clearly label each box, including the Room it goes in and a brief description of the contents.

Change Your Address. Contact the post office with your new address and the date it becomes effective. Address changes can be done online also. Contact your bank, creditors, employer, insurance companies, physicians, and schools with your address change. Don’t forget to change your address with the Motor Vehicle Administration.

Tidy UP Your Previous Home.  Vacuum the carpet, sweep & mop the floor, wipe off counters and stoves, clean sinks, tubs and toilets, and wipe out the refrigerator. Open the windows and air out the home while cleaning it.  Perform one last walk thru to make ensure nothing is left behind.